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Sep 19, 2012

Baked Sunday Mornings: Brooksters

I wanted to post this on Sunday but my internet went out for a few days so I missed sharing for the first time on the newly found site (to me), Baked Sunday Mornings. This group is working through one of my favorite series of cookbooks, the Baked books, by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. I'm no stranger to brooksters, the recipe we tackled for Sunday. I made them last summer but undoubtedly had less work to do, having bought the box mix from Williams-Sonoma.

This time around I prepped everything the night before. I baked the brooksters in four 5" pie tins and four 4" tartlet pans, and I still had extra chocolate chip batter, which made delicious cookies all on their own. I left the brooksters in the oven a few minutes over the stated recipe time because they didn't appear cooked through. After taking them out the centers were still slightly undercooked but I deemed them edible... and they were good, just as I remember from last summer. Whether I'll make them again is another story; I love both chocolate chip cookies and brownies but probably prefer to eat them separately. Recipe from the awesome new Baked Elements book and the roundup of brooksters from fellow Baked Sunday Mornings bakers here. Whiskey Pear Tart up next :)